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JRP Front Suspension WTF 2016 WHITE

JRP Front Suspension WTF 2016 WHITE

JRP front suspension 2016 WHITE

New 2016 spec incorporates several changes and improved features in addition to previous ones:

- Wide Track Front has 2mm more track width per side, to be used with reduced offset wheels and a longer steering bar.
- large upper triangle arms for reduced play
- lower roll center for higher grip tracks
- precise, individual and stepless adjustment screws for all main settings
- adjustable downstop adjustments
- adjustable ride heigth with left/right balance
- adjustable spring tension
- adjustable camber
- ball bearing grade suspension balls
- provision for both standard spring setup and inboard shock assembly


Requires for WTF:
Knuckles x-power with screw
Front Springs
WTF steering bar -1
WTF steering bar 0
Top damper 
Top Springs

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